CTC Work Groups

The CTC Community Board is split into seven different work groups, each with a specific task. The work groups meet monthly for about an hour. The whole CTC Community Board only meets about once every quarter. You can join one or more work groups by clicking here. Community members are always welcome to sit in on a work group to see if it is a good fit for them. Descriptions of each work group are below, with meeting times.

You can view our work group meeting dates on our public Google Calendar

Community Board Maintenance Work Group

Role: The Community Board Maintenance work group builds and sustains a healthy and effective community board.


  • Establish communication and reporting protocols
  • Establish decision-making protocols (bylaws and operating procedures)
  • Develop a process for recruiting and educating new community board members
  • Foster team-building and recognition activities

Funding Work Group

​Role: The Funding work group identifies funding needs and manages the acquisition of public and private funds to support the community coordinator, community board, and the action plan programs, policies, and practices.


  • Identify resources to aid the CTC process 
  • Develop a strategic funding plan
  • Identify and communicate with potential funders
  • Write, or facilitate the writing of grants, proposals, or help with raising funds

​Outreach Work Group

Role: The Outreach work group is responsible for involving stakeholders, promoting the Communities That Care system, and educating and updating key leaders and the community about the work of the community board.


  • Maintain contact with stakeholders and Key Leaders
  • Identify opportunities to educate and involve the community
  • Work with the media
  • Identify opportunities to celebrate success
  • Create opportunities for receiving input, promoting benefits, and announcing outcomes
  • Develop and maintain a distribution list for the Community Action Plan and other community board materials
  • Create opportunities to promote the Social Development Strategy broadly in the community

​Resource Assessment Work Group

Role: The Resources Assessment work group is responsible for identifying current community services that address the priority risk and protective factors, identifying service delivery gaps, and recommending solutions. This workgroup also designs and oversees monitoring and evaluation of the programs & policies implemented under the Community Action Plan.


  • Develop an inventory of existing programs, policies, and practices that address the priority risk and protective factors
  • Assess the existing programs regarding the extent of their implementation and any evaluation of their effectiveness
  • Identify gaps in existing services
  • Recommend tested, effective programs, policies, and practices to fill the gaps
  • Report accomplishments and findings, verbally and via a written report
  • Participate in the development of the Community Action Plan
  • Design and oversee an evaluation of the implementation of the Community Action Plan programs and policies

Risk and Protective Factors Work Group

​Role: The Risk & Protective Factor work group collects and reviews youth survey and public data to help the community board select priority youth outcomes, and priority risk and protective factors. This group also monitors changes in community-level outcomes over time.


  • Review risk and protective factor and youth outcome data from the Youth Survey
  • Collect needed public data and prepare it for review
  • Recommend priority risk and protective factors
  • Present recommendations to Community Board and Key Leaders
  • Reassess risk and protective factors and youth outcomes every 2-3 years
  • Report progress and findings, verbally and via a written report
  • Design and implement an evaluation of changes in community-level outcomes

Suicide Prevention Work Group

Role: The Suicide Prevention work group is a special group that the Houghton/Keweenaw CTC has implemented. Its role is to collaborate with local Suicide Prevention Coalitions to lower suicide risk, particularly in youth. 

Youth Involvement Work Group

Role: The Youth Involvement work group recruits youth for all aspects of the CTC effort. It works with other work groups to identify meaningful opportunities for young people, skills and training needed by young people, and appropriate recognition.


  • Identify and engage existing youth groups
  • Brainstorm ways that youth can be involved in CTC
  • Recruit youth involvement in community board and work groups and in specific tasks and activities