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Our Community Action Plan (CAP) is a comprehensive look at Houghton and Keweenaw Counties, the top risk factors our youth are facing, and the evidence-based programs that will best address these factors.

Our chosen programs include:

  • Signs of Suicide (SOS)
  • Blues Program
  • Wyman's Teen Outreach Program (TOP Club)

​Thanks to all those who worked hard to create our CAP!

Community Action Plan


Community Assessment Report

Our CTC has implemented the CTC Youth Survey in participating local schools. This allows us to determine the biggest risk factors that youth in our community face. Our Risk and Protective Factors work group has analyzed the results of the Youth Survey, and developed the data into a report for the community. There is also a presentation available.

Highlights of the report include:

  • ​Community Strengths - Youth feel recognized for prosocial involvement in their families, schools, and communities; youth feel attachment with their families; and most of our students believe that their parents disapprove of drug use and antisocial behavior.
  • Top Problem Behaviors: Depression and anxiety, and substance use.
  • Top Risk Factors: Our community voted on the top risk factors to select based on the data from our report. The risk factors "Low Perceived Risk of Drugs/Alcohol" and "Depression Symptoms" were chosen for CTC to focus on. 

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Read the report